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Meet our coaches

Ron ROse


Coach Ron is the Founder and driving force behind NxtGen Training. He grew up in Northern Virginian and moved to Orange in 2002 when his son was born. Through the years he has provided his leadership and mentorship in the youth sports of football, basketball, baseball and running. His first passion is his family. Coach Ron is a runner completing 7 full marathons. His passion for running spread all across Orange County and ignited many to run starting with the Kids Fun Run leading to many people running marathons.

Coach Ron is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer certified through National College of Exercise Professionals. Coach Ron’s fitness philosophy is about long term athletic development through functional fitness. His three goals in everything he coaches and mentors are:

1. Have Fun

2. Learn Something

3. Play to Win


His passion for coaching goes beyond the sport or the moment, for Coach Ron it is about the life lessons that are presented.

Bernard Ellis


Known as Coach B, he brings the shimmy and shake to NxtGen Training. Fitness and athletic coach at NxtGenTraining holding a personal training certification from NCEP, Speed and Agility and Nutrition Consultation. His philosophy is designed to coach athletes for better efficiency and longevity (long term athletic development). He has served as one of the top youth sport coaches in the area for football, basketball, and soccer for 14 years . A fun coach that takes pride in helping you reach your fitness goals.

Jen Taylor


Jenn Taylor is a NASM certified personal trainer with a passion for running and functional stability. She was a distance runner in high school and reconnected with that love nearly ten years ago, after the birth of her daughter, Grace. Jenn has run the Charlottesville Ten Miler 6 times since moving to Orange and plans to run it for as long as she is able.


Jenn’s journey to NxtGen started in January 2018 when she committed to losing weight….again. She did a lot of research, set some smart goals, and worked hard to obtain them. In the process of her own fitness journey, Jenn realized how much she loved fitness and wanted to help other people obtain their fitness goals. She signed up for some classes through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and passed her certification test in July 2019. Under the guidance of some seasoned local chiropractors, Jenn was able to gain valuable experience to support her knowledge from NASM. This experience accelerated her love for functional stability and made her a stickler for form. Don’t worry, you’ll thank her for that later!


When Jenn is not at the gym, she spends her time with her husband LJ, their 4 children, and a puppy who might actually be a horse. She loves music, reading, the outdoors, and her photography business. Jenn is also working toward a nutrition certification through NASM. 


Jenn is excited to continue her growth at NxtGen and even more excited to help guide you through your own fitness journey!! 

Chris Rollins


Professional Boxer was born and raised in the heart of Orange County. He is married with two young children. Beginning his love of sporta at the age of 4, he continued to thrive thorught the years. In 2008, he was Orange County High Schools MVP for football. Inearly 2012 Chris discovered his love for combat sports. He started as a MMA fighter, winning 3 amatuer titles. Going professional in 2005 Chris achieved one pro MMA title and the “Pro knock out of the year” award from MMA in Virginial. Chris, with his team runs Rocket Combat Sports Promotion. Currently he focuses on coaching groups and private clients of all ages. His ultimate goal is to teach it like its meant to be taught – all while having a good time?

Larry Kilby


My name is Larry Kilby  I graduated from Shepherd College, in the spring of 2002, with a BA in Recreation and Leisure Service  with a specialization in Management . I have been teaching and working with children in education for 15 years. I am the owner and founder of My Vision Mentoring service LLC. Certified personal trainer through ISSA


My Hobbies - Personal trainer, Reading, Coaching, Mentoring, Running, 


My Family - My lovely wife Vanessa of 15 years,  and three wonderful daughters; Yndeiah, Anna, and Lariana


My Philosophy - I do not perceive  Personal training as an organized recess.  My responsibility as a personal trainer is, in my opinion, among the most important jobs someone could have.  I firmly believe all of my clients are special and possess a wide variety of talent and skills.  It is my mission to expose my clients to a wide variety of activities, as to encourage him, or her, to discover and enhance these skills.  As a Personal trainer and professional educator, I will present these activities in a positive and professional manner, as to maximize the self-esteem and the self-confidence of my clients as a result my client will learn that physical fitness is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only now, but for the rest of their lives.


I will always treat my client with the utmost respect and courtesy.  As a result I expect to be treated in the same manner.  While I hold high expectations for my clients I do not expect each client to be the best, but I do expect them to do their best. 


Accomplishments - Owner  of My Vision Mentoring Service LLC, Founder of My Vision Elite Travel Track Club,Owner of D&K Barbershop, 36 active student athletes competing  from Division 1 to Division 3.  

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